• Can you?

    (I have to message you first before someone (I won't tell who) makes a block review for me)


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    • Thanks for messaging, I'll have to begin a discussion with the other administrators and I'll let you know of our decision.

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    • I'll ask the administration, but just FYI:

      • F. Block review. A blocked user may request their block be reviewed by the entire administration.
      • 1. The blocked user must first message an ESB administrator on Community Central.
      • 2. The administration will conduct an internal review of the block and decide whether or not it shall be overturned.
      • 3. A majority vote of the administration is required to overturn the block.

      Only administration votes count in this.

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    • As of now, 5 out of 8 administrators have voted against unblocking you (other three have not voted). The review has not passed. You must wait 2 months after today to make another one if you wish to do so.

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    • Alex.sapre wrote: 5 out of 8 administrators have voted against unblocking you


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    • Tell me who voted against me

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    • That's private administrator only information.

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    • A FANDOM user
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