• I noticed around last year that while using Special:ListUsers, the "edits" number would appear in a red font if a user was currently blocked.

    That is useful and I was wondering if there was some way we could also indicate that when viewing an article's history, so it is easier to tell which edits might need review.

    Already a green font is used for the number added and a red font used for the number subtracted, next to the 'bytes' count which AFAIK is analagous to the number of characters?

    Strikethroughs are used I think for the entire entry when it is purged and you can't view the diff at all... but could we possibly somehow have it just do a strikethrough on just the username in history if that user is under a block?

    Or maybe somehow have the active link to the username displayed as a red link instead of a blue link?

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    • You could use the MarkBlocked script.

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    • Site-wide installation on MediaWiki:ImportJS presumably needs admin access, otherwise you would just do it personally for your own benefit?

      Rather than doing this just for individual wikis is there a way we could add it to community.fandom central wiki so it is enabled on all other wikis we visit?

      Also would you happen to know for users who admin several wikis if there is a tool to en-masse add this script to several or all wikis administrated. Like enabling a bot to add text to ImportJS by automatically detecting everywhere you are capable of adding it?

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      1. Yes; as with any JS, you need to be an admin to add it to a wiki. I am not sure what use a non-admin would have for this script anyways.
      2. Yes; just follow the instructions for personal installation.
      3. Perhaps something like AutoWikiBrowser could do it. However, I am fairly sure there isn't an in-site feature for this. It would require interwiki edit rights and those are reserved for a select group of users.
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    • A FANDOM user
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