• I don't know personally how to restrore older pages, but the entry for Games Dean is a disaster to say the least. The last non-vandalized version of the page was on October 16, 2019. The article for Ted Wongis also frequently vandalized by multiple users under variations of the name "Big Chungus". Cast and Crew list is also a mess, as well as fake pages like DiabetesMasite, and /Harvey Weinstein. The admin of the VGHS fandom hasn't been active since 2016. The whole VGHS wiki just needs a thourough cleaning and then lock down. 

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    • I see go to edit then go to history then if you don't see undo next to the users that vandalized edits then became a user to undo the vandalism made by previous Vandal's.

      And okay? As much as i'll help out i'll undo the vandalism made up to the reversions before your admin went inactive i will. And if you need to try contacting your admin on here to get ahold of the user if you can't then i'll adopt the community for adoption to became anew admin to help with the community fandom okay?

      That is "IF" there's no other admin available on there alright?.

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    • I think I cleaned up most of the vandalism edits by restoring the pages to the version of the beginning of October as well as delete unrelated images. However, I m not knowledgeable in the wiki's subject, so I don't know if there are any factual inaccuracies that I accidentally restored by resetting the pages to a previous version.

      A lockdown of the wiki will not happen, since that goes against Fandom's collaborative nature. Everyone is and should always be free to make constructive edits. If you do have knowledge about the wiki's topic, perhaps you can look into adopting the wiki once you met the requirements.

      Just for future references, it is better to report problems like this on the VSTF Wiki so the entire team can notice this and take action if needed, as opposed to hoping the VSTF'er you reported this issue to is online and/or has the time to immediately take action. Anyway, thank you for noticing this and reporting the issue!

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