• One of the Admins on Hot Wheels Wiki has been abusing their privileges as an administrator. The admin whose user ID is This is a test 86, has blocked my account under the false charge (Inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages).

    This is a test 86 has blocked all my communication channels and account until Monday, November 9, 9999 00:10:11 GMT

    I had contributed to the wiki adding missing categories and photos on the pages that require it, without adding or inventing new ones, I have only used the ones that already exist.

    This is a test 86 also edit pages adding existing categories, adding missing information or photos, the difference is that he is an Administrator and abuses his privileges by not giving a valid reason to block accounts or trying to guide users to avoid making mistakes.

    Please help me remove my account block.

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    • Did you read

      some of your comments are in Spanish, there was the previous warning about categorization, some image names are not in line with the guide...

      Show that you have an understanding and Respect their rules and will remedy any damage done. Some Admins and editors have little time for mentoring due to RL issues and time constraints...

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    • Jade Emperor

      Thanks for your comments and advices sharing the guidelines, nobody shared with me that info or try to explain me the correct way to write the photos name.

      unfortunately I can't change the names of the files because This is a test 86 blocked me (all the functions) and I can't do the changes.

      If This is a test 86 knows that info as and Admin he should be guide us or share us that info, not only block us, he has a bad attitude.

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    • Yes, in an ideal world, that is what This is a test 86 would have done. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. If you still really want to edit the wiki, I suggest giving This is a test 86 some cool off time (at least a week, maybe a few months) and then politely asking them (using their wall here on Community Central) to reconsider the ban.

      If you do this, remember to keep the request polite and refrain from accusing them of "abusing" their powers. Whether it is true or not, accusations will not help. What might help is if you explain the situation as you did to us; about how you hadn't read the rules and was not aware that what you were doing was still not compliant with their rules.

      Doing that won't guarantee reconsideration of your block; it isn't even guaranteed that This is a test 86 will even read you post in the first place. However, if you want to eventually be unbanned from that wiki, it is your best course of action.

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    • reminded him

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    • Your reminder is probably going to make things worse. You accused This is a test 86 of "admin abuse,staff corrupt and liying". Since most of this is probably not true, if I were in their place, I would ignore your "reminder".

      If you want a better chance of an unblock, you better rewrite it to be more polite and apologetic fast. Otherwise I side with This is a test 86 and would keep the block in place and maybe block you (Sonic232WIKI) as well.

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    • removed the reminder, sorry.

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    • Work with Jairzinh0bb to make a new message with apologies and specific ideas to prove you want to do better and leave it on This is a test 86's Message Wall here on CC.

      Remember, you really don't have the power in this situation and being accusatory and defiant won't help at all. The best you can do is ask how you can get the block removed or reduced. If you're lucky the blocking admin will give you some tasks to do to prove you are sincere and if you do them, the situation will get better.

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    • lamo this is a test 86 said


      this is what he said (read the green oval)

      this is what he said ->

      this is what I actually did
      (read the bottom) 


      have I ever been adding anything that has to do  with Adding a whole bunch of categories to images? seriously all I did is remind him,some time later remove it. is this completly false and outright mess up.

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    • Yeah… @Sonic… The way I interpret This is a Test's response is they are seeing you as a sockpuppet/alternate account of Jairzin. Push them just a little bit more and you'll find yourself sharing that block with Jairzin. Maybe worse since most tend to permablock socks.

      This would be because you have no other apparent connection or reason to get involved with Jairzin's situation.

      We CCAdmins here on Central have been vetted by Staff as having been responsible users and wikia admins for years before being invited to be Admins here on Central. And WE would never presume to step up all in some local admin's grills about how they handle their wikias. We have learned through our experiences how best to deal with most of these situations, usually "I'm blocked!" outcries, which we see *several* a day.

      And IF—Huge "IF"—we elected to *try* to talk to a local admin—which frankly, is NOT our jobs—we be a lot more lowkey and chill and respectful IF we do…

      You might want to reflect on that bit of insight as you go around championing the "plights" of others.

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    • We tried. Some people just don't get it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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