• Hello and sorry for bothering you. I'm the bureaucrat of DanMachi Wiki (spanish).
    Recently, you created Portable Infoboxes for DanMachi Wiki (english), and i was wondering if i could use them. Since you are the one who made them, i think i should ask you first.
    The templates are quite similar, so it shouldn't be a problem for me to implement them.

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    • You’re more than welcome to! Just be sure to import the necessary CSS.

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    • Hi, sorry for bothering you again.
      Quick update:
      1. I created my own themes.css to translate the page and for testing purposes. Implemented portable infoboxes, headers/grid in characters' page and also created the MMP without further complications.
      2. Inside every page with a Status, for example this page, uses <tabber>, in desktop looks good but in mercury looks odd. I have been testing how to implement panels. I lerned that is imposible to implement it inside a <label> because <label> has no child, and tried to implement it with a <header>. In oasis, the small tables shrunk to the left, in mercury would be nice if the tables expand to the width of the infobox. Is there any way to solve that?.
      3. More tabbers, i tried to convert this to portable infobox for mobile. This is the result (ignore the theme of the infobox), and the best looking in mercury is the one with the header. But i can not made it work nesting tabs, is it even possible to do that? or rather should i use <tabber> with two infoboxes (Novels and Manga)?.
      4. Regarding the "No image" in DanMachi Wiki, i can suggest what i implemented in the Spanish version. I made a image sample with another themes if you want to show it to them. I personally don't want to reply from nowhere in a thread that already have ~60 replies between admins. Obviously, changing the background image/text/color/transparency/size is easy and quick to do.

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      1. You did all that? That’s excellent! Good job!
      2. In the Personaje template, I recommend replacing this…
        <data source="Estado del Aventurero">

        …with something like this…

        <header>{{#if: {{{Estado del Aventurero1|}}}<!--
                    -->{{{Estado del Aventurero2|}}}<!--
                    -->{{{Estado del Aventurero3|}}}<!--
                    -->{{{Estado del Aventurero4|}}}
            | Estado
                <data source="Estado del Aventurero1"/>
                <data source="Estado del Aventurero2"/>
                <data source="Estado del Aventurero3"/>
                <data source="Estado del Aventurero4"/>

        This way you can produce the same general effect by switching from tabbers to using 1-4 parameters on each page. After you do that you might need to edit Plantilla:AñadirEstadistica so that it fills the full width of the Infobox (I can help with that if you need it). Regardless, the lack of <label>s in the <data> tags should make it expand to full width in Mercury.

      3. Use <gallery> inside an Infobox <image> field within the panels to produce a tabbed image experience in desktop, like this.
      4. Thank you for the advice! Will bring it up in an hour or so.
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      5. A FANDOM user
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