• There are over 1500+ Fandom users who are, believe it or not, under the rightful age mark of 13. And, that ain't right. This is true! You need to global them. It's against the rules! Just do something.

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    • Haya!

      While that may be true—certainly there are underage users and that's a fact—it is not *anyone's* job to HUNT them down. When proof and or self-admissions pop up, they get handled.

      And BTW, reporting any you do happen to find should be done by contact Fandom Staff with links, not screenshots, to the admission(s). Remember that the 2 PPs in COPPA stand for Privacy and Protection, and that any very public posting about them does neither.

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    • I wasn't going to, but now that you mention it, I will.

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    • A FANDOM user
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