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    The series Machicado Mazoku has two communities dedicated to it, Wiki A and Wiki B .

    Wiki A is much better managed, however Wiki B shows has better SEO and shows up first in searches. I find having two communities not only confusing, but also hindering the growth of the better managed Wiki A. I've tried contacting the Founder of Wiki B regarding this situation but they have been inactive since August 2019.

    Personally, I'd prefer Wiki B to be deleted, or turned into a redirect to Wiki A, if ever. I'd love to know your response, thanks!

    DeltaTee (talk) 07:00, December 30, 2019 (UTC)

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    • See Help:Merging communities. Without a positive response from the other community, you can’t do much.

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    • I see. Thank you for the reply!

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    • By now, Wiki B should be adoptable. Consider adopting it and then working with the founder of Wiki A.

      Not being an admin at either wiki makes your options extremely limited.

      BTW, I really liked that anime (Machikado Mazoku). Hopefully it gets a good wiki and another season.

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    • If wiki B is active, then you need to have a discussion with the rest of the wiki B community to agree that you should be admin. At that point, it might just be quicker to discuss merging directly rather than discussing your candidacy for adminship and then discussing merging.

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    • I'm not sure FANDOM staff will likely approve a merge without an active admin, but it's possible.

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    • The admin need not be active, although if only recently so, the courtesy of reaching out to them is advisable. But any active community users of any level should be asked their opinion (use actual discussion threads, no polls, which can too easily be gamed)

      Understand that there is nothing against there being more than one—or more!—wikis on FANDOM about the same topic. This is not Highlander, there need not be only one.

      That said, Mergers *do* happen when all involved with both communities think it a good idea and beneficial.

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    • Without an admin to cast the definitive vote and/or tie-breaker, it feels weird though. Who is part of the "community"? Does it need simple majority? Supermajority?

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    • A FANDOM user
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