• In some wikis their can be loads and loads of infoboxes and it's hard finding them. Can we get a search bar for it?

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    • go to the wiki your wanting the info for then add


      after the url


      example for this wiki

      The search bar can be used once you have a grasp of the wiki's naming conventions. Just remember that infoboxes are Templates(Template:'whatever the name conventions are').

      See for more info: 'Special:Templates' will list every template on the wiki.

      Every browser has 'Bookmark/Favorite Folders' for the templates you are likely to revisit.

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    • You should be able to use the search bar in the global navigation for this. When viewing the results, it takes you to Special:Search. You can then click on "Advanced" and select which namespaces you want searched. The template namespace should be included by default but if you want to restrict your search to just that namespace, then you can deselect everything else. You can also enter the URL directly into your browser. For example: search for "pokemon" in templates

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