• hey there! i was wondering if u could help me request to adopt a couple of pages. im not sure how to fill out a request form. thanks

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    • Hi, please create a new request instead of hijacking a completed request. To do that, go to a certain topic that where you want to adopt (there are 4 of them). In this case, you're going for the TV-Movie requests zone since All My Children is a TV show. Then type in Adoption:All My Children Wiki (2) in the text box that says, Enter wiki name here and click Add new request.

      Next, fill in the details about your edits, the link of the Wiki, the date that the last admin edited, how many days that you've edited, and additional (optional) information regarding the Wiki.

      Finally, allow for a maximum of 7-10 days of waiting time for the official staff member to respond to that request.

      Good luck.

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