• Hello,

    I would like to report a wiki that seems to violate fandom's terms of use regarding Copyright.

    Here is an example :

    You can see a link to a playable version of Goku hosted on a For-Profit site, which is a blatant copyright violation. It's exactly as if the wiki was giving rom links. That wiki has hundreds if not thousands similar illegal links. And the links are posted by the wiki admin most of the time.

    Is there a way to report that wiki to fandom in order to make it compliant with the terms of use?

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    • If you are concerned about the legality of this, contact Fandom staff directly here.

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    • Thank you @Tupka217

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    • Jobeveci;

      The file was credited to Mike8888 who I assume granted permission. It isn't an entire game but a mod(60M file size).

      Find a more rewarding pastime.

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    • Why do you attack me Jade Emperor? Is there a report function in this forum?

      Anyway being a mod has nothing to do with anything, the wiki has thousands links to files that includes copyrighted resources, hosted illegally on for-profit sites. It's copyright infrigement on a massive scale and is a violation of fandom terms of use. Fandom is a wiki site, it is meant to provide information, not to index illegal download links.

      Try to be more civil from now on, or I am filing a report about your aggressive behiavior. 

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      • Whether it's copyright infringement is up to the owner of the IP to claim.
      • Whether it's a violation of the Terms of Use is up to Fandom to decide.

      There's no point in discussing things here. Noone here can do anything.

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    • I know this Tupka but I'm not the one who started arguing about it here.

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    • You can be the one that ends it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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