• hello wendy can u Comeback as a Staff and Handle the adoption Requests?? Other Staff now are hopeless becau'ze the Requests have been neglected for Weeks!!

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    • Staff work 9-5 Monday to Friday. 

      This isn't to mention that they just had Thanksgiving, with Christmas soon. These are also days off, which would delay them looking at requests. If Merrystar is American, and under a Fandom contract, it's likely - especially with current workloads, such as moving to a new system - that she wouldn't get to adoption requests any quicker. 

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    • Keep in mind that under the new Adoption Approval system, the adoptions are divided by genres (TV/Movies, Anime, Games, etc) known as "Verticals". Even if Wendy were to re-up as Staff, there is no guarantee she'd be assigned to the verticals you're looking to see caught up.

      In fact, no guarantee she'd be placed on Adoptions at all.

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    • Hi. It's really not up to me, as Love Robin said. I'm sorry the requests have fallen behind.

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