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    situation is done
    20:29, December 7, 2019

    I'm replying to a comment you made: "its still not okay. if a thread had no replies 4 a long time then leave it alone": Question | Love Robin's wall.

    If you'd like to inform me about Necroposting please don't do it on the Thread itself, but rather on my Message Wall or replying to this. I'm just a little confused - most of the time if a Thread hasn't been commented on in over 2+ months then it's considered Necropost [according to Wikias I've seen]. I'm not familiar with the Rules on Community Central. So if you may ever so kindly site what is considered Necroposting on here that would be wonderful!

    Thank you for reading this, that's if you do. I hope you have a good rest of your day. Kwaheri kwa sasa, rafiki! :D

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    • why? there r 100+ threads that had necroposting warnings on the threads themselves! dont backseat mod ppl pls

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    • Okay, okay, allow me to step in here to clarify a few subtle points.

      F03 is trying to be helpful according to how they've been guided and have observed about necroposting. It is a trap quite a few users relatively new to Community Central fall into, not being quite aware of how old a post is (after all, it is "new to them") and responding.

      While Cessation is *finally responding* to a thread they themselves created, to let me know the topic of the thread was dealt with a while back. Which makes this a subtle exception to necroposting.

      Sooooo, both of you are right and wrong at the same time. It's all copacetic, my right-righteous dudes….

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    • I was just going to type a response to this. I know I'm in the wrong, and I'm not** going to pretend that is false. I just wanted to know how much time bewteen replies in a thread is considered Necroposting so I won't do it again.

      Oh! Just if you were wondering this is what I was going to type:
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    • Okay, I fixed it! I think.

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    • usually it is 60 days

      but if a thread is ANSWERED then can be as low as a week

      the one u replied 2 was answered so u were necroposting

      im not trying 2 say i dont like u but its how it works

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    • and just a correction on the threads title

      my pseudonym is F039A6C4 not 5039A6C4

      so if u have time can u pls click edit on the original message of this thread & change the title to "Hello, F039A6C4!"

      notice how my pseudonym is CORRECTLY spelled there

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    • Alrighty, thank you F039A6C4 and Love Robin for both helping! :^)

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    • ur welcome

      thku 4 correcting ur spelling of my pseudonym

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