• Hello, I have been trying to get galleries on infoboxes for a very long time... And now there are errors on the infoboxes... Could you help me on that? Aswell as make my infoboxes with galleries.

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    • The simplest way is to return to the original infobox

      	<title source="title"><default>''Unknown''</default></title>
      	<image source="image"><caption source="imagecaption"/></image>
      		<header>Some attributes</header>
      		<data source="first"><label>First</label><default>''Unknown''</default></data>
      		<data source="second"><label>Second</label><default>''Unknown''</default></data>
      		<data source="third"><label>Third</label><default>''Unknown''</default></data>
      		<header>Other attributes</header>
      		<data source="fourth"><label>Fourth</label></data>
      		<data source="fifth"><label>Fifth</label></data>
      		<data source="sixth"><label>Sixth</label></data>
      	<group layout="horizontal">
      		<data source="previous"><label>Previous</label></data>
      		<data source="next"><label>Next</label></data>

      And add gallery on the article page

       |image = <gallery>
      HeroDoge.png|IMAGE ONE
      Ninjago.png|IMAGE TWO
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    • ^ That.

      That's the usual implementation of galleries on portable infoboxes, it creates a tabber with all the images. If that's not what you meant of if your infoboxes do not use the portable format, you're going to have to give a link to the template and a link to a wiki that has what you want.

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    • There is another problem... My infoboxes don't appear on Catagory:Templates

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    • We can't tell you the problem unless you give a link to the template.

      Edit: Nvm. it's this.

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    • You were not meant to copy paste the second example into the infobox code; that's an explanation on how to use it on a page.

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    • I was testing it

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    • And it's no wonder the test failed.

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    • ThanksĀ :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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