• Hello,

    is there a way to display text alongside an image without having to do this:

    ((Item)) ((File:Image.png|link=Item|24px)) *replace the (( and )) with brackets

    For example, some code that'd display "Item (picture of item here)" without having to use those two separate pieces of code

    Aditionally, is there a way to get an infobox picture off of a page without having to actually type in the image file?

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    • yes u can use apps that allow you to put text into images¬†¬†

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    • You can build a template for the first issue. To know what the template should look like, a link to an example page would be useful.

      As for the second issue, in most cases, clicking the infobox image will give you a lightbox which will allow you to open the image.

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