• Okay, so I joined earlier today to participate in the discussions, especially with the fandom I currently spend the most time in. I managed to edit my profile to show some things, and when I access it from, it works fine and shows what I did. But when I'm on the wikia for a specific fandom, I'll try to go to my profile from there and it not only shows NONE of what I edited my profile to say, it won't let me edit my own profile! Where it says edit profile when i access from community, it just says "view source" with a lock like it thinks I'm someone else. What is going on, does this usually happen, is there something I'm missing, and how do I fix it because i'm crying and want to know at least why this is going on. 

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    • Based on the context, I am guessing you are talking about your user page when you say "profile". Some people use the term "profile" to refer to the user masthead; so it can get confusing sometimes.

      Moving forward under that assumption, your user page exists separately for each wiki. That is why you need to create it again. From what you have said, it sounds like you are unable to do this on a particular wiki (you didn't mention which wiki it was). My guess is that the wiki requires users to be autoconfirmed before editing. Registered accounts become autoconfirmed 4 days after they are created. At that time, you should be able to edit your user page on that wiki.

      If you want to have a global user page, you can create the page here and then transclude it on other wikis. You still have to edit the page on each wiki but you won't have to repeat all of the text. I can tell you more if you want.

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