• How can I add to my wiki? Well, I can't, as it exists only as internal data. It's SO bad you had to get rid of the Monobook skin due to copyright issues (see here, why Monobook was removed.

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    • PseudoMonobook or Pseudo-Vector are the closest you'll get, but you can only use them in your personal css and js, not on a site itself.

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    • Do you have an actual question or are you just ranting? Also, Monobook was not removed due to copyright. It was removed due to a combination of issues. The two main issues were:

      1. Wikia uses a highly customized version of MediaWiki so they can't just hit an update button to get the latest stuff.
      2. The EU enacted GDPR which would have required significant changes to how the skin operated in the background.

      Given the above two issues and that Monobook was not commonly used by that time, Wikia decided to just get rid of it rather than spend resources trying to update it.

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    • Starting in version 1.24 of MediaWiki, the template {{!}} is no longer needed, as this is currently a magic word. To understand why {{!}} was added as a magic word, see this Gerrit change.

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    • That's nice, but I fail to see the relevance to your original query. Fandom is working on a MW upgrade and this will undoubtedly be addressed.

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    • A FANDOM user
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