• Hey :)

    I'm setting up a Wiki for my RPG-Group and wanted to ask if it is possible to restrict what users can read in an article? I want my players to be able to read up on things that their characters have experienced, but only for Dungeon Masters to be able to read specific details and background information.

    Would this be possible for example via some kind of admin access, or password protection?

    sry, I'm new here :) thanks for any help


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    • Nope. The entire wiki is public. You can’t (and are not allowed to) hode parts of it.

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    • thank you for your answer :) i might have found a solution by using spoiler tags, we'll see 

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    • Dynamic Spoiler and Hide/Collapse tags are useful for *temporarily* hiding content BUT do NOT *lock* or restrict that content. Anyone will be able to click buttons to reveal what is hidden from initial and casual viewing.

      Any other attempt to circumvent ToU and the Wiki Creation Policy by locking away or restricting from view content will only engender Demotions, Blocks, and even Wiki Closures.

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    • Spoiler tags might also hide content... but it's easy to find by just opening the edit window.

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