• I have a Doctor who wiki about doctor who fan theories, The Big Blue Box of Timelord Lore Wikia. It has existed for several years, and I think it has decent quantity and quality of content, yet it doesn't show up when I search for "doctor who wikis" or "doctor who" on the "find a wiki" searchbar here on Fandom. How can I get it to appear? I think it's because it doesn't have "Doctor Who" in the name (it does show up when I search for "timelord"). The description that shows up under the results is at default, so that probably doesn't help. I have no idea how to change it.

    I saw that the TARDIS wiki seems to have gotten around this by having /doctor who at the end. Could I do something like that?

    Any suggestions?

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    • The interwiki search is a new feature and how it collects results has not been widely shared. Perhaps one reason it that the algorithm may change as they develop it further, but that is just a guess. If you want to know ways to improve the chances of your wiki showing, you should probably ask staff. If you do, would you mind sharing their reply with us?

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    • Thanks for the reply. I'll ask them and be sure to share whatever I find out here.

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