• I’m having a problem with displaying references on the mobile version of a wiki.

    The Get Fuzzy wiki has the StripRef template which is designed to create a reference to the source Get Fuzzy strip on the Go Comics site.

    The template is called with parameters for the day, month and year of the strip and an optional fourth parameter identifying whether the strip is a Sunday or, the default, a daily strip. The template builds the url for the desired strip by adding the year, month and date to the root url of the Get Fuzzy page on the Go Comics site ( - which is included in the Template code - and also builds the reference description text in the form of either ‘Daily comic strip of <date>’ or ‘Sunday comic strip of <date>’.

    All works fine when viewed in the desktop (see for example the wiki page for the Atlantic Research of Supernatural Entities) with the references showing up as expected – for example


    in the code of the calling page would seem to result in the transclusion of

    [ Daily comic strip of April 09, 2009]

    as the References section of the calling page shows:

    “1. ↑ Daily comic strip of April 09, 2009”.

    However, when viewed in mobile the reference url and reference description text does not appear, and all that is shown in the References section is:

    “1. ↑”.

    What am I missing?

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    • It appears to be an issue with how the page is rendered for mobile. You should probably report it as a bug to Wikia. You can do so using this form.

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    • Thanks for the suggestion and the link, I've made a report. 

      Thanks again

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    • A FANDOM user
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