• In most wikis, it's black text on white background normally and when I drag cursor to highlight text it changes to white text on blue background. Not sure if this is what others experience.

    I notice on some wikis though that this is different, and highlighting it changes it to blue text on white background. This is BARELY noticeable.

    It's not so much a problem for dragging (because I know where to look) as much as it is when using the Ctrl+F "find" function, because you rely on highlighting to know where on the page to look for an instance of your word.

    Header/Button/Links/Toolbar/Main are the 5 color settings I can see in ThemeDesigner. Does anyone know which of these you would change to fix that?

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    • I am not sure if this is something that can be done using ThemeDesigner. If it is, it almost certainly is a consequence of the general color scheme and not a separate setting you can change. That being said, you should be able to do it using CSS, specifically the ::selection selector. The CSS would be something along the lines of:

      ::selection {
          color: orange;
          background-color: green;
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