• If I'm understanding correctly, after using the mobile main page wizard thingy and publishing, a mobile user has to click on an image that then takes them to a list of categories and then have to click on the category name, which is all the way at the bottom, then they reach the category page.

    Is there a way around this? Can they be taken directly to the category page, instead of the multiple steps?

    Essentially, I have the page titled:


    I've added Stuff to the Stuff category. Then I added a "something" to the mobile mail page wizard thingy, then I added the Stuff category. How can I get rid of the "something" page that is a list of categories in htis?

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    • It is very hard to help, if you don't give a link to the wiki you're talking about. We're not psychic.

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    • It's a question about the mobile main page wizard. I think it works the same for everyone.

      But, here is an example:

      The wizard has me add a section, then add a category to the section. The result is:

      1. A section page (click on the image)

      2. A category page (click on the image)

      3. Another category page, that lists the on category I assigned at the bottom of the page (named MobileTop). (click on the link "MobileTop")

      4. The page finally displays

      I want to bypass step 3.

      Oh, should probably say I want the user to not have to see the page created in step 3.

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    • What about the module below the sections module? It looks like that one is intended for individual categories.

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    • Unfortunately, that removes step 1, not 3, which is the most obnoxious page. Really, I want step 4, only.

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    • I don't quite understand. I am getting sent to only one category page. I go to the mobile main page and click the image there. That brings me to the category page. There, I can click the link for the page. Are you saying you don't want to have to go to the category page? If so, have you tried the "Featured Content" module?


      Basically, individual pages should be in "Featured Content", individual categories should be in "Optional Categories", and groups of categories should be in "Featured Categories". You can look at the help page here.

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    • Again, that leaves the page where there is a list of categories.

      So, the user has to click on an image, which takes them to a page with a list letters A-Z where down at the bottom is the name of the category of page I want the user to see. They then have to click the name of the category to be taken to the page.

      I would like it if I could just have them  go to the page and skip the 2 extra steps.

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    • Well, if you tried all 3 modules and none of them do what you want, then the answer is no.

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    • My question is really whether or not there is a way to achieve fewer  levels. Not, does the wizard behave differently than it does.

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    • Ok. I think I found a solution. But, I'm not sure about the implications. I'll contact us if I get stuck again.

      Essentially, I use featured item as the one and only item after Wiki description.

      For the featured item, I use a page MobileHome that is a copy of the main page, and category MobileHome. This gets me the same empty category page. But, if I edit the category and put a copy of the main page there, it has a mobile version of the wiki home page, with the category widget below that.

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