• I just started it i need more users without spamming how do i go about this? Can i recruit people? If i ask on community centrral board it will be known as spamming correct? I just want mentoring.

    here is my wiki. its a news wiki for around the world.


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    • can you explane this in more detail please

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    • i have started a news wiki about anything related to the news. Iam looking for help or mentoring to get somewhere with the wiki.

      sorry if iam not explaining right.

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    • you should work on the wiki more to get other users intrest then more will join the bigger the wiki is it gets a higher goolge rank

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    • i can try but i have a add order problem. you mind helping me some out? a guiding hand would be good. can you help me at all?

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    • There is no admin mentor program; you basically have to educate yourself with the help pages but you can always ask specific questions here.

      To learn what you can do to advertize your wiki, read this help page. If you want people to join you, you're going to have to be more specific. What news?

      Also, a wiki isn't the best format for news. What do you hope to offer that cnventional newssites don't?

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    • make sure to put for the homepage what the wiki is about

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    • Your main page needs lots of work before anyone would probably want to help out...

      Here are some quick tips for how to make a good main page (I used this in a different similar thread):

      • Use correct spelling and grammar.
      • Have a good summary about what the wiki is about on the main page.
      • Don't leave out key info:
        • If the wiki is fan fic, it should say so.
        • If the wiki is encyclopedic info it should say so.
        • If the wiki more like a personal sandbox, it should say so.
      • A nice header graphic related to the topic should show up near the top of the main page.
      • Put links to important pages on the main page.
      • Don't have pages that don't have any links to them from other pages.
      Next steps
      • Make or find nice graphics for main characters or objects (planes, ships, tanks, etc.) and put them with links on the main page.
        • This is sometimes called a profile table. You will see them on most good wikis.
        • If you have enough pages you can make a table with links to subtopics like characters, episodes, items, quests, etc.
      • Make and use a nice wordmark
      • Make and use a nice background theme image.
      • Start categorizing pages.
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    • i need designer help also

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    • ok so if u tell me what to do i can try to help you out just tell me what kind of designs you want

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    • News and Encyclopedic type of a style.


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    • Hmm what i can do for you is look on the internet and find a good looking theme for ur wiki then i should get back to you tommrow on this

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    • A FANDOM user
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