• So, for those that haven't noticed, around 19:40 a new feature was released, Special:Dashboard. It has taken the place of "My Preferences" in the user drop-down menu but added a submenu which contains "My Preferences" along with a duplicate link to the dashboard, a link to contributions, and a link to the watchlist. The dashboard itself contains 3 sections. The first pertains to the global account. There are 4 panels:

    1. Run script to edit global masthead
    2. Link to email tab of Special:Preferences
    3. Link to Community Central user page
    4. Link to Special:Preferences

    The next section is for the local wiki with links to the local user page and Special:ListAdmins. The last section seems to be just another version of Special:Community, Special:Insights, and the maintenance reports sections of both the admin dashboard and the "all shortcuts" in the loval navigation.

    It also seems to be only on Community Central for now; perhaps it is a test?Okay, it is definitely a test. Rappy just added it to ImportJS.

    I still don't get the point of having Special:Insights overlapping functionality with other special pages. But that is another discussion.

    I think the menu additions are nice but I am not sure how useful the dashboard will be. It doesn't seem much easier to get to.

    What are your thoughts?

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    • Seems like a nice addition to me. Not sure why Contributions needs to be in a submenu, though. "Personal Home Space" seems like the wrong name for the Special:Dashboard link.

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    • Yeah, I am on the fence about the submenu decision. If the submenu items were placed in the main menu, it would be just 3 additional items. At the same time though, I feel like that (8 items) is where it starts to feel long. I am not convinced "Personal Home Space" even needs to be there since the main menu link takes you there anyways.

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