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    17:53, November 26, 2019
      1. Why do we need to know?
      2. What is the point of blocking them on a wiki they don't contribute to?
      3. It probably isn't the best idea to start a block war. Those can get very ugly very fast.
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    • Andrewds1021 wrote:
      #Why do we need to know?
      1. What is the point of blocking them on a wiki they don't contribute to?
      2. It probably isn't the best idea to start a block war. Those can get very ugly very fast.

      The reason why we need to know is because he blocked me on logopedia.

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    • hello if the user blocked you on a wiki and you block them back and they did nothing on ur wiki to get blocked  that is right abuse and can lead to demotions i would suggest not blocking the user unless they broke a rule on ur wiki  but however there are better ways to handel these kinds of problems besides just blocking them for no reason u could discuss the block with the admin more muture way to handel it

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      • You are blocking a user who has no interest or intent in editing the wiki, so they probably won't care, though admins are allowed to block users whenever they feel like it's best for them. 
      • The best way to get unblocked is to appeal your block, nicely, to the blocking admin at their CC wall. Blocking someone on a wiki where they do not contribute will unlikely for them to unblock you.

      That's not a good reason why we need to know. We can only give you advise of how you can get unblocked, but not forcing the admin to unblock you.

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    • Hello all, I could not help but notice this discussion. Honestly, XxIsSooCool, like previous users said, I do not care that you blocked me on your wiki as I was never going to use it anyway. However, I find it disrespectful that you went out of your way to Community Central to tell everyone I am blocked on your wiki because quite frankly, no one cares.

      I have no intent of starting any sort of "war" with you, so to speak, but as previous users said, things could get ugly in situations like this. I can let this go, but do not count on other users responding this way. You seem like you are underage anyway, so I hope you understand how to communicate with other users in the future.

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    • I was once routinely blocked by a user on each of his little "personal" wikis. Now mind you, this fellow also maintained a list of Staff he would try to block for "crimes" of doing their jobs.

      We all ignored him. As mentioned, I had no intention of ever visiting his little corners of Wikia (at the time) which only had himself for a "community".

      He didn't end well. He racked up blocks after blocks across Wikia as well as a few escalating Globals. I'm not even sure if he ever got back to Wikia/FANDOM. If he has, he's kept quiet and his head down, so hopefully he's matured since.

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    • Well just about five minutes ago, I got an e-mail asking me to reset my password. I did not clink any link to reset my password, so I wonder who tried to reset it...

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    • sometimes users or trolls will use ur username to reset ur password  and then hack ur email

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    • Just on the above point, in case anyone gets concerned: using 'forgot password' does not reset the account password unless you follow the link in the email and pick a new password.

      If your email account is secure, 'forgot password' won't help anyone else access an account.

      XxIsSooCool, this kind of block (and post) is not helpful, as others have explained. I am closing this thread.

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