I've designed how the overall infobox is going to look like and I've added some themes to put to specific infoboxes but the background and the title/header doesn't come out (i put white as the default for now but I'm still going to change it)

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    • The "theme" is for "portable infobox" so needs to be a single word with no gap

      /*Treasure Ep 1*/
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-All-to-Zero .pi-background {
         background-color: #1B1A1B;
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-All-to-Zero .pi-title, 
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-All-to-Zero .pi-header {
      /*Treasure Ep 2*/
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-Zero-to-One .pi-title, 
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-Zero-to-One .pi-header {
          background-color: #BB161B;
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-Zero-to-One .pi-background {
         background-color: #020101;
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    • okay, i've put the css in but it still doesn't work... i've already put the theme-source in the infobox template and the 'theme = All to Zero' in this page as a testing page...

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    • The help page says that everything goes through MediaWiki:Wikia.css

      Placing .portable-infobox and other PI-specific CSS in a separate stylesheet (MediaWiki:Themes.css) imported to MediaWiki:Wikia.css can also be helpful. The import line in the main skin stylesheet @import url("/load.php?mode=articles&articles=MediaWiki:Themes.css&only=styles"); will load the Themes.css in an optimized manner.

      An example on w:c:supersmashbros:MediaWiki:Wikia.css

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    • okay, it finally works! thank you so much for the help!!

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