• Its been over a week now (maximum waiting time) since my adoption request. And from the looks of it Adoption:TV-Movie requests has really been neglected (one request has been waiting for over a fortnight). Can we please get responses.

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    • The "wait time" is actually anywhere from 7-10 business days, which means don't count weekends and holidays. And we're going into a Major Holiday period, so some of Staff are also getting extended PTO (and expect this to be the case during the Christmas-New Year season too).

      This is the standard. Granted, with the influx of fresh Staff there are times when the turnaround takes less, especially since it is recommended the Week of Editing be done before opening the request.

      I've been where you are, several times, so I know you're anxious and even a little frustrated. You just need to be patient a while longer.

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    • good luck with the request it is monday currently andĀ  thanksgiving is this week so fandom staff might be off for thanksgiving if they dont reply i suggest using special contact forĀ 

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    • I am not convinced that would be any better. Those also go to staff whom may or may not be taking additional PTO.

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    • Actually, when Staff comes into the offices, what most of them do first is to start helping to bring the number of Support Tickets under control. Sometimes message walls are not read for *hours*. S:C generates tickets which are automatically tracked and will routinely ping back with reminders whereas walls can be read and then for whatev reason, unintentionally forgotten.

      Support tickets go to any Staff which are on skeleton duty. So unless involving an issue covered by a *specific* team or department, they get passed to those on duty.

      So in most cases, Special:Contact is the faster and better option than a wall of someone who *might* be the best person to deal with it even if they are not in meetings or special projects most of their day.

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