• How would I make bureaucrat names glow a different color?

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    • Hello Bubblesplosion.

      If you know how to add colors and glow to administrators' names, then it's the same process to bureucrats, but adding their usernames in the code. Here's a brief example (CSS):

      a[href$="USERNAME_HERE"] {
          color: #6aa7f7 !important;
      	text-shadow: black 0px  0px 2px !important;

      Replace the "USERNAME_HERE" value with the bureucrats' names. Remember to change the properties color and text-shadow as you wish. In this example, the text color will be light-blue and the shadow will be black.

      By the way, if a username has special characters, copy and paste the special(s) character(s) in a URL Encoder. Once the character has been encoded, paste the result replacing the original character. So, for example, you have a user whose name is "Tóbias Alcaráz", then, in the CSS code, it should be written as:
      (The space can be replaced with either " _ " or " %20 ").

      Ok, this was a pretty long message. Anyways, I hope this helped you!

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    • a place to find colors i suggest using [color collection ] you can also add it to other users too besides admin content moderator discussion rollback and etc even if they dont have user rights if you dont understand how to do this let me know and i can add it for you

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    • For best practices, avoid using !important.

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    • Applemasterexpert wrote: For best practices, avoid using !important.

      That is an uphill battle. I have seen so many wikis use it as if it were a mandatory part of CSS.


      I even recently came across it in Wikia's global CSS. Thank goodness that was a rare case.

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    • i don't use !important

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    • sorry1 last thing make sure to use the Hex code with # in the front

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    • Bubblesplosion wrote: i don't use !important

      That is good. Then the comment is for Tobias Alcaraz.

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    • A FANDOM user
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