• Could someone give me some things I could add to my wiki's front page? Thanks!

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    • That is hard to to because:

      1. You have given us no context as to what your wiki is about.
      2. Even if we knew what your wiki was about, there are too many different ways to layout the first page that is really just comes down to personal preference.

      If you have at least some idea of what you want on the front page, please tell us we we can narrow down the options. If you have wikis with features your want to copy, please link to them and tell use what you want to copy.

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    • Well..

      I would like to add some depth into my history wiki, is there anything you'd recommend to make it "stand" out?

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    • That is still a rather generic question. Could you provide a link to your wiki so we can at least get an idea of the topic?

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    • Here are some quick tips for how to make a good main page (I used this in a different similar thread):

      • Use correct spelling and grammar.
      • Have a good summary about what the wiki is about on the main page.
      • Don't leave out key info:
        • If the wiki is fan fic, it should say so.
        • If the wiki is encyclopedic info it should say so.
        • If the wiki more like a personal sandbox, it should say so.
      • A nice header graphic related to the topic should show up near the top of the main page.
      • Put links to important pages on the main page.
      • Don't have pages that don't have any links to them from other pages.
      Next steps
      • Make or find nice graphics for main characters or objects (planes, ships, tanks, etc.) and put them with links on the main page.
        • This is sometimes called a profile table. You will see them on most good wikis.
        • If you have enough pages you can make a table with links to subtopics like characters, episodes, items, quests, etc.
      • Make and use a nice wordmark
      • Make and use a nice background theme image.
      • Start categorizing pages.
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    • Tysm! :)

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    • Apologies I never got back to you. I was busy for a while and then I saw Fandyllic's reply. I figured nothing else needed to be said at that point.

      I am posting now because I just checked out your wiki. I feel I need to warn you that your change to the local navigation header would probably be considered a customization policy violation. You may want to consider removing that CSS.

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    • Oh, okay, thanks.

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    • There is a ROBLOX game called rise of nations, it has pretty nice tanks and whatnot. You could photo graph there.

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    • RealKnockout wrote:
      There is a ROBLOX game called rise of nations, it has pretty nice tanks and whatnot. You could photo graph there.
      I play it, look at this.
      Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 12.29.32 PM
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    • Nice, I never got that big on it. I was close, though! But yea, as I said, it has nice images of tanks and whatnot.

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    • Yep, that's a good idea, I'll add it later.

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    • K

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    • A FANDOM user
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