• I'm trying to upload a font to my Wiki. I've already contacted Fandom Staff about enabling .ttf files on the upload portal, but any time I try to upload the file I get this error:

    "Cannot upload this file because Internet Explorer would detect it as "text/html", which is a disallowed and potentially dangerous file type."

    Anyone know how to get past this? The font in question is Old Newspaper Types.

    I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!

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    • Don't use Internet Explorer?

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    • Interesting. I could swear others have used TTF in the past. Maybe this is a new security rule Wikia put in place? According to, it shouldn't be an issue with IE not being able to use the font. Where did you get it from? Perhaps there is an OTF version available?

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    • I suspect the user is not actually uploading a .ttf file. They may have saved something else and changed the extension.

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    • Well, it could also be that it hasn't been added as an accepted file type yet.

      Joeymcfly, have you asked staff to allow TTF file on the wiki?

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    • - I'm on Google Chrome not Internet Explorer (idk why IE shows up in the error message)

      - Fandom staff has already accepted my request and said .tff files should be allowed (it even shows up on the list of permitted file types now)

      - It's definitely an actual .tff file since it opens up just fine and installs the font on my laptop.

      Not sure what else could be wrong :/

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    • Screenshot 2019-11-20 at 1.50.23 PM
      If it helps, this is the exact error message I get.

      but I'll look into trying to download the font from a different source and seeing if that works, or trying an .otf file instead, thanks for that suggestion.

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    • Most likely what happened is that the file has the incorrect MIME type (text/html) thing, but I'm not sure how to fix that problem. It looks like the MIME type should have been something like "application/octet-stream". The MIME type gets set usually by where you download the file from, but there may be some way in the OS to make uploading apps to associate .ttf with some other MIME type, but not sure where that is...

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    • A FANDOM user
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