• Ok, so my problem is: when you visit my wiki here it redirects you to the discussion page, which as far as I have searched that's a new feature that you cannot disable. But why this doesn't happen to other wikis like this one? It simply goes to the main page, as I want it to happen be in mine.

    Something simillar is happening in the mobile. When you visit the wiki on the mobile, it not only redirects you to the discussion page, as when you click on main page it takes you to a special designed main page, not the normal main page of my wiki.

    This is how it is:

    IMG 4011

    And this is how I want (and how I see in most of the wikis):

    IMG 4012

    How do I disable those two features?

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    • The first link has /f at the end, so it takes you to feeds. If you just have the .com (or .org) it takes you to your preferred landing page.

      The mobile main page is a standard format main page in the Mercury mobile skin, as the conventional two column main page design translates very poorly to the small screen. You can edit the main page (that is, select what goes in the allotted spaces) by going to your main page on a desktop and selecting Edit Mobile Main Page in the edit dropdown. The conversion to the Mercury skin for the main page and all content pages is automatic and cannot be overridden.

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    • Tupka217 wrote:
      The first link has /f at the end, so it takes you to feeds. If you just have the .com (or .org) it takes you to your preferred landing page.

      It has /f at the end because it redirects you to /f. if you just write on your browser you will be redirected to

      Thant's what is bothering me.

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    • It takes me to the main page. Which is weird since Recent Changes is my landing page.

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    • It's weird then, because it's not just me, I have received some complains about this too. On mobile whats your landing page when you write on browser?

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    • I think anonymous users (that arent logged in) don't go to discussion page (which is not your case though I believe). But you might have this disabled on your account? If that's the case I am still worried because I want to avoid any user in any circumstance to land on discussion page as the first page when acessing my wiki.

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    • When you type into your browser on mobile, it takes you to the mobile main page. The mobile experience is smaller than the desktop version, and is geared towards reading.

      I think it's if you're not logged in and don't have a landing page setting, it takes you to the Feeds. Individual wikis cannot override user preferences (or lack of preferences)

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    • Regarding the original post, the first link does have "/f" which is why clicking that link always brings you to Discussions.

      Where users get sent when going to depends on whether they are logged in; if so, what their preferred landing page is; and which features the wiki has. Anons on mobile will get sent to the mobile homepage while anons on desktop will get sent to Discussions. Those logged in will get send to their preferred landing page if it exists. The only one that may not exist is Discussions since not all wikis have it. If a user's preferred landing page is Discussions but the wiki does not have that feature, they will be taken to the desktop homepage instead.

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    • Ok thank you Andrewds1021! I also contacted fandom support, and they clarified the doubts that remained, and for the ones interested:

      There are wikis without Discussions feature indeed (disabled for them), for some reason (so even someone with preference set to land on discussion page wouldn't be taken there). But it's not possible to disable in a wiki that already have it. The same is for this new mobile main page design.

      So there is nothing we can do basically.

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