• Sometimes users didn’t take apologize seriously because they didn’t wanted to accept it.

    Chase McFly trying to bionicforce but it could might make things worst.

    What bionicforce not accept Chase McFly’s apologize and it goes the drama thing all over again.

    I didn’t wanted thing whole drama thing started over again because that was worst last year.

    I know Stardust16, EmeraldTulip, and OfficialBrandonF not handle the drama thing year ago. They could not handle anymore drama this year.

    Try to make Chase McFly not apologize to bionicforce please. I can’t handle no more with Chase McFly keeps apologize to bionicforce or to anyone because it caused to much drama.

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    • What happens between bionicforce and Chase McFly is for them to decide. If Chase McFly wants to try to apologize, he can. Whether or not bionicforce accepts it, rejects it, or retaliates, is his own decision.

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    • Okay!

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    • The truth is I didn’t wanted Chase McFly to apologize to bionicforce.

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    • A FANDOM user
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