• I'd like to import this template from Wikipedia. However, I can't seem to find the code for it - the template page only says "<includeonly>{{#invoke:Timeline of release years|main}}</includeonly><noinclude>

    Is there a way to find where the code is (I'm unexperienced with Wikipedia), a way to add a line of code to import it like when importing features from the Dev Wiki, or is there a similar substitute?

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    • It invokes a LUA module. For certain tasks, LUA is way more efficient than parser functions. You've got to import Module:Timeline of release years, as well as any submodules it invokes itself. But LUA is a whole different ball game, so be careful.

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    • You might want to ask for some analysis of the Wikipedia Lua at Scribunto Help board on the Dev wiki, because some Lua on Wikipedia will have some obvious clues that knowledgeable FANDOM Dev wiki folks will see immediately as not supported.

      FYI, you will find the Wikipedia Lua module here: Module:Timeline of release years. That module also uses Module:No globals which exists on the Dev wiki, so that is a good sign.

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    • Thank you both. I tried having ago myself but couldn't seem to get it to work, so I'll try asking on the Dev wiki. Thanks.

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