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    A crisis happened on the Granny Wiki because staff trusted a vandal! There are two users opposing me. They are MattapoisettPatton1 and UppishGames.

    So let's start with MattapoisettPatton1.

    This user's favorite user is a user who adds nonsense categories to pages, named Chromebookdude. When I told Chromebookdude to stop, MattapoisettPatton1 tried to defend him.

    Also, one of his favorite friends is Frypan1234, now logged in to an account called Fryingpan1234, who said "B****" on the Granny Wiki, and now MattapoisettPatton1 made him the assistant leader on the House of Slendrina Wiki.

    Bacck onto the Granny Wiki. Thirdly, there is this user called Ed Soteco. He said "f*** you because of you I will be blocked", so I blocked him. However, MattapoisettPatton1 unblocked him, saying that he only did one "little" thing wrong.


    The F word is VERY offensive!

    This user also said I should be blocked!

    Finally, there is this good user called WoodyTheBalsaWood1243. MattapoisettPatton1 blocked him because he thought that he was Grannymaindoor, even though I said that he wasn't.

    Now to UppishGames.

    It all started when MattapoisettPatton1 was caught by me teaming up with vandals. He harassed me and said that I should lose all my rights. Because MattapoisettPatton1 had many friends, they all believed him. The bureaucrat UppishGames, who was the one who blocked me, accused me of causing nonsense drama. However, he didn't see my messages to him that I was logged out of the Wiki's Discord, but he didn't receive it and kept revoking my rights. Eventually, I became friends with MattapoisettPatton1 again. But UppishGames still believes MattapoisettPatton1's vandal side and blocked me for "intimidating behavior/harassment", when I did nothing wrong! I was simply trying to stop MattapoisettPatton1 from vandalizing more. I cannot unblock myself. And MattapoisettPatton1 has also started to turn bad again. I know that UppishGames is the founder. But that doesn't mean that he can do the wrong thing.

    For FANDOM staff only: Please stop these bad bureaucrats. Remove their rights and unblock me and give me back my rights. I did NOTHING wrong! It just appears that way because MattapoisettPatton1 has been on the Wiki longer than me!

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    • I mean there's two sides to every story, and his side is this:

      "Bowser201 Has been banned for abusive his roles as staff, as well as banning members for they're having been accused of wrong doing and vandalism, without any proof or evidence of the accusations. He had also been giving staff roles to members without consulting me, or any of the staff which is a big rule the staff need to uphold. Therefore, he has now been IP Blocked from the with"

      There also seems to be around fifteen local staff members, which includes a wiki manager (which is a paid and global member of Fandom staff). If you have any issues, I would contact "Jr Mime" on their Community wall to discuss matters: Link to Jr Mime's Page You can also look at Sannse's user blogs which address issues of bad bureaucrats and admins, for tips and advice. 

      It is unlikely that Fandom will intervene, though. 

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    • Your basic downfall began once you started messing with the User Rights of the bureaucrats. Tip for the future: don't bother; since you can't remove bureaucrats and they can simply re-promote their other rights back to themselves, all you're doing is upsetting them.

      They are supposed to be your closest allies on a wiki, and turning against them for something you seem to be alone in believing is not wise. Next time, whether on this wiki or any other, discuss situations. Go with the majority consensus UNLESS it is about a violation of ToU.

      In which case, contact Fandom Staff with all relevant links (not screenshots).

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    • I probably doesn't help that you are trying to fight the bureaucrat that gave your bureaucrat status in the first place.

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    • And then HE revoked it for a BAD reason. I WAS DOING THE RIGHT THING.

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    • Bowser201 wrote:
      And then HE revoked it for a BAD reason. I WAS DOING THE RIGHT THING.

      It doesn't matter who was right or wrong. 

      The only thing that matters are the "Terms of Use". 

      Unless the person in question broke site-wide rules . . . made the wiki effectively private, engaged in hate speech or doxxing, etc. . . . they are fully entitled to block for any reason, which includes no reason. The best thing you can do is to politely appeal to them via Community Central, and - if they say no - chalk it up to bad luck and just get on with life. Find a new wiki. 

      I would start with a better message to Jr Mime; no accusations he's "doing the wrong thing", no emotive language with all the exclamation points . . . just a simple apology and/or a polite message explaining why you did what you did and why you don't think it was an issue. 

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    • However, Proof #1

      Proof #2 Proof #3

      Proof #4

      These are all proof that MattapoisettPatton1 was teaming up with vandals

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    • One of those users seems to be - although not definitely - underage. 

      The other seems to be - although I can't be certain - breaking ToU by creating wikis with the explicit purpose of harassing and insulting you. 

      You should report those two directly to Fandom: Link to Contact Form

      Remember to leave links for evidence.

      However, it's likely that won't affect your ban. You would still need to plead your case to the bureaucrat in question, and explain your position in full to them, but - as Robin pointed out - you did mess with rights of bureaucrats and re-blocked people unblocked (without seeming discussion between the bureaucrats). This would probably be reason enough for them not to unblock. 

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    • From what I can see on that wiki, it appears that you were eventually able to come to an agreement with the other bureaucrats and admins and your block is only for 3 months. I don't understand what you hope to gain by making a fuss here on Community Central.

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    • Bowser201, this is the wrong place to complain... all it does is allows us to dig up dirt on you. Almost nobody who has ever complained here improved their chances of getting unblocked. Your rant would make me more likely to block you if I saw you on a wiki I admin.

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      well sh*t i brought the thread off track
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    • Travjt wrote: Were the vandals with this guy?

      What does this have to do with Bowser201's situation?

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    • Travjt
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      went off the tracks with that one
      16:33, November 13, 2019
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    • Travjt wrote: Because he is a major threat to us (project sengula)

      What does this have to do with Bowser201's situatuon?

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    • Travjt wrote:
      Because he is a major threat to us (project sengula)

      I assume you meant this guy:

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    • I doubt that someone like Bobby McNeary is worth the concern. All the threads he made were like written by a 13-year-old who has just discovered puberty.

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    • This thread is getting way off track... unless someone can connect the Project Sengula stuff to the OP's topic, I'm going to ask an admin to close this thread.

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