• Hi, I noticed an error on a page I was reading. I tried creating an account to see if I could correct the error, but of course I don't have permission to edit the page. How do I notify someone who does have permission to edit the page that there is an error?

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    • Hello, and welcome to Fandom.

      One reason you cannot edit that specific page at the moment is because your account is new. When your account exists for at least 4 days, you gain the Autoconfirmed right, which allows you to edit pages protected from users without the right. The page could also be protected so only administrators and above can edit the page. You'll need to link the page you want to edit here if you want a more definitive answer.

      In either case, you cannot edit the page, and you want someone who can edit the page for you. Here is what you do.

      1. Visit your wiki
      2. Look at your URL and see what comes after /wiki/
      3. Replace whatever comes after /wiki/ with Special:Listadmins (if correct, you should view a page similar to that in the link)
      4. Click "wall" underneath any administrator's username. You should message the one that most recently edited.
      5. Ask the admin you chose to correct an error on the page you can't edit.

      Hope this helps!

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    • In particular the page is X-Men Vol 1 17 ( and the error is in the trivia section. The page states that in panel 1 of page 4 Professor X breaks his own rule of not revealing any connection between himself and the X-Men when he refers to Hank McCoy by name. If you look at the panel in question, it is clear that Xavier only uses Beast's real name within a thought bubble and therefore is not putting their secret identities at risk. 

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    • According to the link, the page is indeed semi-protected to require Autoconfirmed rights. Therefore, you have two choices at the moment:

      1. wait 4 days before you can edit the page yourself
      2. follow the instructions above on how to contact an administrator who will edit the page for you.


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