• I've created a new page called Community Central:Communities with Podcasts. This includes the same formatted layout as Communities on Twitter except this page I've created includes the description, host, status and notes. This should make it easier for people when searching for a particular wiki which might have a podcast.

    I've included podcasts by Wikia and other communities on Fandom.

    If you want to include your podcast in the list, please update the list.

    Let me know what you think of my contribution to the wiki.

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    • Nice idea but those extra cells push the table beyond the bounds of the page. In general, it is a good idea to avoid having scrolling tables. Well, at least in my opinion.

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    • Sorry, couldn't be helped even if I tried, which I did. Still, having additional pages to support communities was a good idea on my part. :D

      I'll work on the table over the weekend, see if I could make it better.

      Anyways, only noticed a few Fandom wikis have podcasts. Interestingly, I did find IGN Podcasts listed at, although these podcasts are now in the page called Watch - IGN, which is Shows on the menu. I sometimes contribute to the IGN Wikis as well, just incase you're wondering. Especially the QR Codes list in the Watchdogs Wiki Guide on IGN, I've even included the same list on the Watchdogs Wiki on Fandom as well.

      So, as I was thinking to myself "What if some wikis on Fandom host their own podcasts and if so, why aren't they listed in a table?", hence why I created this table. Feel free to update and modify the table.

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    • The IGN wiki is operated by IGN itself. That is very different from FANDOM wikis which are operated by fans, not the companies themselves. FANDOM has one analogous site that that would be the main site. Even then, most of the content is still from volunteers.

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    • Yes. What I'm saying is that I've contributed to IGN Wikis and FANDOM Wikis as a volunteer wiki contributor. Of course as you pointed out FANDOM is run entirely by fans and volunteers. IGN, IMDb and various other wikis have staff running them. I've found out that IMDb uses a similar structure for its articles like wiki articles and such, the only difference there is that IMDb uses its own code and only staff or pro accounts can actually edit article pages. Kind of like how you can set protection on pages on wikis here on FANDOM.

      As I was pointing out in my previous reply, I was looking at podcasts on IGN and wondering if there are any podcasts on FANDOM, which there is, I was just expecting more podcasts than the ones I've found. FANDOM offers more in terms of wiki, structure and support. Even if I was tempted to self-host my own wiki, I would still consult the forums here because everyone has been extremely helpful.

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    • A FANDOM user
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