• Do we have access to log in to the Fandom account? I'm not writing this just so I can hack the Fandom account, just wondering.

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    • nope. its a bot account which means there is no password

      by no password i mean there is no correct password because its made so that any password u try 2 enter will give u error saying the credentials dont exist

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    • You have access to the login for your Fandom account, but you should not have access to other Fandom accounts that are not yours. Not maintaining the confidentiality of your passwords by sharing information like this is considered a terms of use violation, so I wouldn't even do basic account sharing.

      Being a bot means you're given the right to bypass rate limits and be hidden from the Special:RecentChanges page unless people choose to show bots, among other things. I don't believe you can also just create a non-password, so it's probably just a long random jumble of characters that is hard to brute-force.

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    • Bots require a password same as regular accounts. However, as it's a heavy heavy duty maintenance bot, the Fandom bot probably has some sort of 2fa and is restricted to only a handful of staff.

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    • A FANDOM user
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