• Hey. I'm attempting to migrate infoboxes on my wiki Riffipedia. The main purpose of this, as I understood it, was to make the wiki more mobile friendly. The first attempt I have created is a band infobox seen here. I have made additions to the css to enable the formatting to work with it.

    However, on mobile, the specific colours for the infobox (in this case, the red at the top) do not show, which is my main aim in migrating to portable infoboxes. Is this something that is possible to remedy, or am I stuck with plain infoboxes regardless?

    If it is possible, could somebody please explain how to get the colours to show on mobile?

    Thanks Gedmundo

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    • Unfortunately, the mobile view does not allow for custom CSS/JS.

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    • OK, thank you Andrewds1021. Do you know if there is a reason why, or if this is something Fandom are considering rectifying in the future?

      Given that more than half the traffic to Riffipedia comes from mobile (which I can only assume reflects Fandom sites as a whole) it seems like mobile formatting, editing and features in general should be a priority to integrate.

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    • Mobile editing will be part of the UCP (Unified Community Platform?) but the timeline for the project is mostly TBD (to be determined). As for custom CSS on mobile, we will see. Here are some arguments I can think of for not allowing custom CSS on mobile:

      1. Mobile rendering has different HTML compared to desktop rendering Wikis would need two sets of CSS: one for desktop and one for mobile.
        • This one isn't that great of a reason but it could be argued.
      2. The idea behind things like portable infoboxes is to have some assurance that the content will look good on mobile. If Wikia allowed users to take the content and style it however they want, users could make styles that end up being mobile unfriendly; thereby defeating the purpose of portable infoboxes.
      3. Although mobile devices are far more powerful than they used to be, they typically still work with fewer resources (ex. memory, storage space, computational power) than laptops/desktops. Preventing customization via CSS/JS reduces the risk of overtaxing a mobile device's resources.
      4. A lot of Wikia's traffic is via mobile (either via app or browser+mobile skin). Wikia wants to establish a cohesive brand (mostly for marketing purposes). Part of doing this is having, to some extent, a standard appearance. That is also why there are certain parts of the desktop pages you are not supposed to change.
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    • Very well argued. That all makes sense. Thanks for your time in answering. Much appreciated.

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