• I herewith wish to forward my complaint against the following administrator; Doomlurker on the basis of biased and frequent undue banning and blocking of my attempts at wiki-edits. As far as i am aware any editor may freely submit relevant information pertinent to the detail of the respective plot and characters therein and the administrators, whilst serving as a filter for blatant inaccuracy, plagiarism, commentary detrimental or offensive to the site, however, administrators cannot ban other editors from a wiki simply because they do not agree with their opinion.

    I have furnished this mail with a few key incidents in support of my grievances; Doomlurker aletered the writing on certain Kal-El articles in the following instance; as it is widely known, that Superman's real name is "Kal-El", although some characters may refer to him by his adopted name; "Clark Kent", others such as Dru-Zod and Diana Prince, respectively, often refer to him by his kryptonian given-name. I do not see the crime in allowing the utilisation of both names.

    Doomlurker altered the writing on the articles pertaining to Zeus, Ares and Artemis - from Diana or Diana Prince to Wonder Woman; once again - Wonder Woman's real name is "Diana", but some characters such as Steve Trevor often call her by her civilian name; "Diana Prince". Once again - i see no insolence in referring to the character by her actual name - well known to all DC-fans.

    Doomlurker also altered the "super-powered" individuals' articles in the Powers section - specifically in the section which stipulates the possession of far greater strength, durability, speed or other attributes "than normal humans as well as other listed entities, such as gods, kryptonians, atlanteans, amazons, etc." - the comparison having been made on my part with the intent to emphasize the magnitude of the high-lighted abilities in relation to other beings with substantial superhuman traits.

    Doomlurker also band me for (allegedly) removing sections from infoboxes and putting the phrasing "possessed far greater strength" etc. when asked not to - whereas i have not removed information in infoboxes from any article on the DC Movies wiki. Furthermore, i was specifically accused of removing sections from the infobox of the Paradise Island (Hornverse) and the Themyscira (Teen Titans GO!) articles, however, the "said articles" did not have any infoboxes to begin with!.

    Doomlurker also band me for (allegedly) removing removing "|image=" from infobox after being asked not to multiple times.

    Please explain how are editors are meant to enjoy the freedom and privilege of editing our favourite wiki, when administrators like Doomlurker, continually abuse their authority by blocking or banning us for simple differences in opinion which do not in any way detract from the accuracy of the wiki-content?.

    Please advise as to what may be done to prevent further similar occurrences in future.

    I await your response in anticipation.

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