• Hello! I've used Fandom wikis for years, but I'm new to editing.

    Vambrace: Cold Soul is a video game that came out in May 2019. The wiki page was created when the game launched, but it doesn't seem like any work was done before I began contributing earlier this week.

    Unfortunately, the title/header of the wiki has incorrect punctuation and capitilzation for the game's title. I can't figure out if I'm able to change that, or who I need to contact to have it changed if I can't.

    The current title/header reads "Vambrace Cold soul Wiki" and it should read "Vambrace: Cold Soul Wiki"

    Thank you.

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    • Hello. The best way is to let Fandom Staff know of the issue and how to correct the Wiki URL and title. That's about it.

      All the best

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    • If you are only concerned with changing what appears in the local navigation bar, then you can change it via ThemeDesigner. If you don't like the URL and/or what appears when you use {{SITENAME}}, then you need to contact staff as Cheeseskates suggested.

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    • Thanks for the tips! I'll check out ThemeDesigner and see if I can fix the navigation bar on my own.

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    • I forgot to mention that I'm not an admin and it doesn't seem like the admins are active. When I found the page, it had been up for about six months with nothing edited from the basic template. I'll try contacting the Fandom Staff.

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