• So I finally got that hovering message thing to work on a template, but an admin on the wiki it's being implemented on says it doesn't show up on mobile. It makes the field look empty. I have no idea how to edit for mobile. Is there a way to get at least text to display on mobile when the template is used?

    This is the template.

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    • Ah, this template again? I haven't done extensive testing but I am going to say no. My quick test shows that the title attribute is still in the mobile version. This means that the lack of hover text is likely not due to how Wikia renders the content for mobile but instead due to how the mobile device/browser displays it. From what I can gather, using the title attribute as tooltip content on hover is a common but not mandatory behavior for web browsers. Since most mobile devices these days are touchscreen-based and you can't hover with a touchscreen, I am willing to bet the mobile browsers just don't have that feature at all.

      That is all just a guess though.

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    • This template is technically done and doesn't need editing. Everything you said about mobile makes perfect sense. I did discuss it with the admin that if it's not possible,<br><small>color/color/color</small> will have to be added after the template to have it show up on the mobile version.

      I, personally, don't use mobile but the admin often checks using mobile.

      Thank you for your input!

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    • if you can't hover over an element, then you can't see the title. you still can use some css to achieve something alike.

      abbr:hover:after, abbr:active:after {
          content: attr(title);
          overflow: hidden;
          position: absolute;
          display: inline-flex;
          max-height: 20px;
          max-width: 20px;
      if you want to apply this to touchscreens only, you can use css4 media-query: @media (hover: none) {...}.
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    • Just to make sure we are on the same page, that only works when viewing desktop mode on mobile, yes? If you are viewing mobile version I don't think site CSS is applied.

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    • Mobile skin doesn't load any custom CSS, as far as I know.

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    • Andrewds1021#5
      Just to make sure we are on the same page, that only works when viewing desktop mode on mobile, yes?

      sure. you can't use mercury in the template: namespace.
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    • I am not sure I see what that restriction has to do with viewing the template on a page but okay.

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    • tried using a resposive bootstrap?

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    • You can't use bootstrap on FANDOM.

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    • A FANDOM user
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