• pls ppl help me im new to this so i created a wiki ( and i dont really know how to make it look really professional, imean ive got some stuff down but there are still of things i dont know so pls help thanks

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    • Making duplicate threads won't get you more people, it will just annoy the one who are reading your posts.



      And this one too, but you did remove it on your own.


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    • Sorry, i wasnt meaning to get more ppl i am new and i was needing answers and ppl wouldnt answer so i would figure it all out for myself and then i nvr deleted the thread so then there were a lot im sry i didnt mean to annoy anyone

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    • Okay then. Well, now you know. Just FYI, this isn't a chat room. In order to get a reply, you have to wait till someone reads it at least. Even then, if they are busy, they might not reply until later.

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    • I know, sometime im in a rush and need to get it done fast and now a days when ppl dont reply like a few minutes after ppl (aka me) get impatient and maybe make multiple to get ppl's eye and also bc im new i dont know much about this either

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    • A FANDOM user
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