• Hello,

    I've been working with this template to create an infobox with an embedded table. It's close to my liking, but I have 2 major nitpicks left with it. I've set it to a fixed layout so that it doesn't warp around, but the second to last cell, 'Dexterity' insists on over-scrolling, and I can't seem to get any width to override it. How do I modify the width of a specific cell, or if not, the width of the column it's in?

    Also, when including the template in an article, the parameter fields don't show up, forcing the user to add them in manually in Source Editor. How do I make them show up like other parameters?

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    • "Dexterity" looks fine to me. Are you using a small screen?

      I am not entirely sure about the parameters, but perhaps you could try:

      <data source="WEP"><format></format></data>

      Maybe at the end of the infobox? Either way, it will take some time for VisualEditor to recognize the new fields.

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    • 'Dexterity' insists on over-scrolling

      Your table columns classes:

      • column 1 : class = "StatTableLabel"
      • column 2 : class = "StatTableDataCell"
      • column 3 : class = "StatTableLabel"
      • column 4 : class = "StatTableDataCell"

      In your MediaWiki:Wikia.css

          padding-right: 0 !important;
          width: 25%;

      25% is too narrow for 'Dexterity' and wraps onto the next row

      the parameter fields don't show up

      Using VisualEditor..

      • "ItemIcon" and "Type" appears. They are in <infobox> using Portable Infobox coding
      • The missing parameter fields are using class = "article-table" using CSS coding

      So I suspect that using the 2 systems breaks the infobox - and in your original thread, you have to pick 1 or the other

      1. <format> inside <infobox>
      2. class = "article-table" inside css infobox
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    • Ah, I think I see now.

      <infobox> and CSS infoboxes

      don't always play well together, huh.

      Andrewds1021's workaround using

      <data> > <format> > no value

      worked great though, thanks!

      I did try making the StatTableLabel wider, but it seems to have no effect. I suppose it could be on my end, since my resolution ratio is 3:2, but even trying it on the Desktop XL/Tablet user agents has it rollover.

      It does work on mobile though ...and I just noticed that the table header isn't centered on mobile now uggh. Is there a way to fix that?

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    • Turns out that table-layout: fixed disables setting table widths manually. Whoops.

      Still haven't tackled the the centered table header on mobile though. Maybe a bit of
      can fix that.
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    • When using the fixed layout, the widths should be determined from the first row of cells. You should be able to set fixed widths by fixing the widths of the cells in the first row.

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    • That's what should have happened, yes, but for whatever reason in my setup the cell size never changed whatsover, even when adjusting for the first row, unless I targeted the whole table-cell property.

      Regardless, it turns out that table-layout: fixed wasn't what I needed anyway, and I figured out how to set each cell to my liking.

      Now to figure out how to implement nested tabs in portable infoboxes...

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    • You will probably want to use panels. If the innermost set of tabs is going to be just a set of images, then you can use the gallery tag as input for a single image tag.

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