• I'm a moderator on the Animal Jam Art Wiki and I have two issues:

    1.) I have an issue in which I can't send messages on walls. I can hit "Submit", but my message is just deleted and nothing else happens (this relates to my second and larger issue). I assume this is a glitch. I have reloaded the page and restarted my computer, having failed to fix the issue.

    2.) I have a user named Biglittlechicken making multiple insignificant edits and edits without evidence (this is against my wiki rules), which I am beginning to see as Badge Farming. Since I don't have the right to revoke their editing perms and I can't leave a warning on their wall AND there are no admins or other staff with certain rights online rn, I am in some deep trouble atm. Can anyone help?

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    • UPDATE: A friend of mine who's an admin just came on so the user issue might be solved. However, I would still like help with the wall thing

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    • UPDATE AGAIN: It's all fixed. Please continue your day as humans do

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    • A FANDOM user
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