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    16:03, October 23, 2019

    Regarding to your message that you sent to me, I am only giving you this message:

    Stay Off My Wall, here on Community Central, on any wiki, and certainly everywhere. I have been thinking that if I explain things to you specifically regarding about DonaldoC1997, you have a chance to change. But no, you took offense to it, and broke down my thoughts and words, and hammared it pretty hard. Users like [User:Sannse]], [User:Mendes2]] and [User:Sophiedp]] have repeatedly told you to stop contacting DonaldoC1997 and Wazzupguys, yet you still kept on grudging against them, harassing them will your messages, and becoming more vengeful towards them anyone who disagrees with you. 

    Out of pride, you are not willing to accept that your views might not be the best ones. Yet you still went on to contacting staff from Idea wiki and blaming it on autism and saying that "God" wants them to unblock you and that the blocking admins are sinners. You say that God wants them to forgive you, yet you curse the blocking admins, you force the admins/staff on Community Central to punish them, and the fact that you are repatedly spamming on several user's message walls already gave you a bad representation of a troll.

    Even when I tried to use God to explain what you screwed up, you are still missing the point. I am doing this blasphemy trick to tell you to stop, that's enough, and that you have been repeatedly told by admins to stop your shenanigans. But what did you do? You called me a liar, and you totally ignored my advice, and went up against me.

    If you don't want to be called a troll, man up, and take criticism from others. Now, if you message me one more time, I will ask a staff member from CC to either give you a warning or block you.

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