• Hello,

    it's been a while since I've been active on Wikia, and I may have gotten rusty. ;;

    I am trying to make an infobox that contains a sort of table, like here, only smaller, simpler, and embedded within the infobox.

    My memory is fuzzy but I think something about groups would do it, although last time I tried it I had trouble for some reason.

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    • I use

      • layout="horizontal" to create a 4 column table
      • show="incomplete" which always keeps the 4 columns
       <group layout="horizontal" show="incomplete">
         <data source="WEP"><label>WEP</label></data>
         <data source="ATTK"><label>ATTK</label></data>
         <data source="ARMR"><label>ARMR</label></data>
         <data source="DEF"><label>DEF</label></data>
       <group layout="horizontal" show="incomplete">
         <data source="HELM"><label>HELM</label></data>
         <data source="SPD"><label>SPD</label></data>
         <data source="TRNK"><label>TRNK</label></data>
         <data source="DEX"><label>DEX</label></data>

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    • Huh. Looks like you really are a table wiz. It unfortunately doesn't seem to be rendering the table for me.

      Edit: never mind, it seems I can't see it on the tempalte page itself. I should set some default variables...

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    • This table is swell, but I would like to have it so that the values are next to the label names, instead of under them. Is that possible?

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    • I would like to have it so that the values are next to the label names, instead of under them. Is that possible?
      Table in mobile view

      Fandom wants to make its content viewable on mobile devices. So tries to make layout as narrow as possible and label is above data in a column.

      You could over-ride the portable infobox presets by using <format>

       <group layout="horizontal" show="incomplete">
         <data source="WEP"> <format>'''WEP:''' {{{WEP}}}</format> </data>
         <data source="ATTK"> <format>'''ATTK:''' {{{ATTK}}}</format> </data>

      As you have over-ridden the portable infobox presets, data value is shown in triple brackets.

      Mobile view image on right

      • top: layout="horizontal" outside article-table infobox
      • 2nd: <format> outside article-table infobox
      • 3rd: layout="horizontal" inside article-table infobox
      • bottom: article-table inside article-table infobox
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    • Very helpful! The last example is just about what I need, but the way you described it confused me - could you post the markup needed to generate it?

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    • The last example is your original table

      So the original format is the preferred layout which is flexible (values are next to the label names), no complicated coding (no horizontal or format) and display correctly on mobile devices :-)

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    • Wow, I feel silly now haha
      I definitely need to style it later, but a lot of it is done now. I have one more problem: the parameters aren't automatically added when the template is inserted - people would have to manually write them in. How do I force them to show on the creation screen?

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