• The leader of my wiki has abdicated his crown, and now, he wants to know who should be the new Bureaucrat. Me and another user both want to get it, but that has created a bunch of arguments, and it's gone haywire. Who do you think should be promoted?

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    • It should be a community decision.

      Have either of you asked the community to vote via a blog or Discuss or forum post?

      Edit: I see you've done a poll; if I'm not mistaken, it should ideally be that people vote via signed in replies, to guarantee a fair vote, and the voting needs to run for one week without local admin interference.

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    • Yes, polls are problematic because they're anonymous and untracable, and thus easily gamed.

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    • Polls are fine for trivial purposes, such as "favorite character", etc, not for something as significantly important as this. Staff would not even entertain the results of a poll for this.

      Some form of threaded discussion needs to be used where registered users can be properly tracked and IP-checked if necessary.

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    • A FANDOM user
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