• So, I couldn't help but notice upon trying to create it that there already was a wiki named RLCraft Wiki and that it was simply a new wiki with literally nothing in it (here's the link to it: ). I'd really love to be able to claim that name for our own Wiki, which I've been forced to call Shivaxi's RLCraft Wiki instead, due to the name already being taken (again, here's the link to our own wiki: ). As you can see, it doesn't render too well and it would be much cleaner if it could just be called RLCraft Wiki.

    On the same topic, there is also another wiki out there called RL Craft Wiki and its Founder has been totally unresponsive and inactive ever since my team and I tried to contact him (for the proof about that, here's his message wall: ). It's leading people towards potential misinformation, alongside splitting our forces as some of the contributors of that wiki could instead be working with us in order for all of us to achieve a greater result.

    Please do note that I know that this is several questions/requests put into a single thread, and the first one really is the most important (at least, in my opinion) at the current moment.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so hit me up if it isn't, I'll correct my shot accordingly.

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    • Ask FANDOM staff via their "Contact us" Zendesk form. They might just give your wiki the abandoned wiki's subdomain and redirect your old one to the simpler one.

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    • A FANDOM user
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