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    So, do you think that would be the case? That some VE bugs will be "automatically" solved just due to the MediaWiki update? The specific issue in the thread I linked to is that VE cannot roperly insert cells into an HTML table.

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    • i have no specific info about upcoming updates, so i can't say whether it will be solved. i do see 2 ways to solve the problem: 1) fix the bug in the ve; 2) drop this homebrew ve upon the migration and use ve from mediawiki.

      since the "automatically" word was used, i'd assume 2nd option: current ve will be changed to wikipedia-like one.

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    • I see. It wasn't clear to me how it would be "automatically" fixed so I thought I would ask someone who might know a bit more. However, apparently you aren't too sure either. Thanks for the info.

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