• Quite frankly I think it's unjustified and taken wholly out of context. One of my replies was to an edited version of the original comment and was meant to provoke WHW into actually responding instead of hatefully hurling abuse(I've seen him in action so I know it's the short ones that get him going.)

    The other one, while I'm unsure of why I did it, wasn't meant to be proof I was him. It was supposed to be some form of retort at the people harrassing him as frankly it's unjustified regardless of what he did. Although I can't remember what happened to the pronouns, it may have had something to do with the fact I typed the comment on a PS4, which has this list of words to use, so I may have clicked I once and the autocorrect or whatever changed the pronouns. Mine's weird like that.

    Is this acceptable for an answer? I'm not expecting to be let off scott-free, but maybe at the very least reconsider the length and reasoning of said ban. Maybe two years for impersonation or something, I don't know.

    Also, why did you delete everything associated with my last edit? It's proof, right?

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    • Alrighty then. I see how it is. actions speak louder than words in this society, so I guess I'll just have speak your own language.

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    • Trolling as an act to impersonate a blocked troll is still a blockable offense. You pretty much acted exactly the same as the troll you claim not to be did, and your explanations of your actions aren't convincing me otherwise. This is not the first time I see you pretending not to be one of your socks, and I'm pretty sure that resulted in your global block in the past. I'll ask other wiki staff members if they believe otherwise.

      The whole thread was deleted because the user posting it was feeding the troll and it is still viewable through your (and the user's) deleted contributions. If you think your history has been deleted like that, I'll have to disappoint you.

      On the other side, if you're okay with a two year long block (mind you, two years is only a bit shorter than the amount of time The Wiki hopper has been registered on Fandom) feel free to appeal your ban again after two years and, if you really haven't sockpuppeted in that amount of time, I'll remove your block. For now, with the reasoning and length as it is, the block will stay.

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    • Okay then.

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    • I will not feed the troll anymore then. I am sorry for being an ass to many people.

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    • A FANDOM user
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