• Hi there,

    I hope that I am Postting i the right booard here, but can you pleaaase add another "Spark Skin"?

    I've been using it for years a and the spiders get boring as heck. I'veĀ  got so many fricking cool ideas in my mind too make that skill look insane. First of a different Coloured spark would be nice. I would love Green sparks for example and for a skill like spark, there is really an endless list off cool animations you could add aswell.

    Also, since Spark builds got more popular again, it will generate a well amount of money. Also it is one of the only skills that never got a second skill skinĀ :(

    Please consider it and thanks in advantage,

    Marc (BrainSiCc)

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    • You're definitely posting in the wrong place. This is Community Central, a place to discuss editing and administrating Fandom wikis. You need to contact the creator of Path of Exile... Have you checked their social media for contact info?

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    • A FANDOM user
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